Bongs are one of the most common ways to smoke dry herbs, such as tobacco and cannabis. They are also referred to as a water pipe and by slang terms such as binger, bing, billy, and lots more.

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The History

The word ‘bong’ is derived from ‘baung’ the Thai word traditionally referring to a cylindrical pipe or tube made from bamboo. The earliest known use of bongs dates back 2400 years when the tribal chiefs of the Iranian-Eurasian Scyth tribe used gold bongs to smoke cannabis and opium. It wasn’t until the 16th century, when they were introduced in China, that they became the most popular method of smoking tobacco.


Today, bongs are available in many shapes and sizes, while the common versions are made with glass, hand-blown by artists. They are created such that they are functional and beautiful.  Glass bongs are the most popular as they do not absorb odors, giving the smoke the best flavor. They are also transparent, so you can see the smoke traveling through it.


Advantages of using a Bong

The key advantage of using a bong is its ability to filter and cool the smoke through water and percolation, thereby offering a smooth draw even when inhaling large amounts of smoke.


People rolling their herbs into joints may find bongs more suitable as they provide cooling and percolation, while burning less unsmoked herb.  The experience of bong in comparison to a dry pipe is that it results in a smoother toke that is less harsh on throat and lungs than the hand pipe dry heat. On the other hand, Bubblers offer water percolation while also be. Nevertheless, a bong has better fluid experience, offering less trouble.


Glass bongs are devices that are crafter intricately and are available in various styles, colors, and textures. Some resemble exaggerated hookahs or pipes, while some are complex. Professional artisans use bongs for smoking and they are elegant pieces.


Taking Care

Handling glass bongs should be done carefully. Cleaning glass bongs reduces wear and removes any residue from inside, thus improving the effectiveness to filter particles and ensures the delivery of smooth hits. The most common method of cleaning glass is to pour isopropyl alcohol, and sometimes large grain salt, into the bong.

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